A cleaner Ward 7

Ward 7 Citizens getting together to clean up the neighborhood

Mark Bey putting in work in Ward 7 About Me and the Initiative

Hello fellow environmentally conscious human beings. My name is Mark Bey and I am the founder of A Cleaner Ward 7 and the initiative to bring the community together to clean up Ward 7, Washington, DC.

I have lived in Washington, DC, for the last twenty-five years, and I love the people, the city, the parks, rivers and streams.

For the last six months, I have been going out and picking up trash on my own in Ward 7. I have also been searching for people who are willing to come together to clean up Ward 7.

I have recruited volunteers from all over the country in order to make this happen and bring about a cleaner environment in Ward 7.

Who are we?

We are volunteers from all over the country attempting to clean up Ward 7, Washington, DC. Our purpose is to bring volunteers from the Ward 7 community and others outside of the community to focus on the following issues:

1) Cleaning up litter in the streets and parks of Ward 7

2) Cleaning up the streams and river edges in Ward 7

3) Reducing the amount of trash on the Ward 7 streets, which ends up going into the Potomac watershed.

Who benefits from this clean up initiative?

1) The residents of Washington, DC, and the world in general can benefit from the work of this initiative. The People who live in Washington, DC, get a cleaner community. The people who use the Anacostia River for pleasure and fishing would also benefit from cleaner water. Less trash going into the Potomac watershed means there will be a cleaner environment for everyone.

2) The animals that live in Ward 7’s streams and parks will all benefit from our efforts to protect the environment. There are red-tailed hawks, deer, turtles, groundhogs, ect., and they will all benefit from less trash and pollution going into the Anacostia River. The pollution and trash starts on land and eventually it ends up in the Anacostia River.

What kind of efforts will be made towards the cleanup of Ward 7?

1) There will be presentations of free and entertaining, anti-litter, community oriented showcases/events to be performed in public facilities in Ward 7 and all throughout Washington, DC. During the summer months, the Green Corps will rehearse, plan, and perform in free musical/theatrical showcases for the public. They will also recruit volunteers to help with clean up events in conjunction with the showcases.

2) We will create performance arts opportunities that will allow high school youth to perform on stage. We will also allow people from the community to appear as guests in our showcases. They can come in, rehearse, and then perform with us at some of our shows.

3) We will create after school work opportunities for Ward 7 youth who will be hired to help create, rehearse, and perform in free community service themed showcases for all Ward 7 and Washington, DC, residents (these opportunities would also include a free anti-litter themed puppet show for the younger Washington, DC, residents)

4) We will bring the Ward 7 community together for community service/fun days with food and soft drinks as well as performances

5) Ward 7 high school students will fulfill their community service requirement by helping us remove litter in Ward 7.
If you wish to get involved, please complete our volunteer application. Thank you for your support.
Volunteer Application

What is the “A Cleaner Ward 7 Initiative?

Well, this will be a multi-year initiative designed to increase awareness in the citizens of Ward 7, Washington D.C, about the problem of litter going into the Anacostia River and its tributaries. This will also be a multi-year effort to clean up the Ward 7 section of city.

I have been going out by myself, for the most part, over the past several months and doing what I can. However, it would be more impactful if I could get some help from other volunteers, including residents of Ward 7.

We want to help empower the residents of Ward 7 Washington D.C to become active in the fight to take care of our planet, because we are all in this together. As we move forward with this initiative, we are striving to assemble a powerful team of activists and volunteers who are willing to go out and do something to beautify Ward 7 Washington D.C through the removal of trash in our parks and streets.

The problem we are facing with the degradation of the environment is one that we all must contribute to solving.

Here are some videos of the Watts Branch Anacostia and the Anacostia, which is now full of trash after a thunderstorm earlier this year. /home/back-out-at-marvin-gaye-park-cleaning-up-the-natural-litter-trap/

If you would like to help us with this effort please click on the following link and leave us some contact information. /volunteer.html

Contact: mark – mark@acleanerward7.org (202) 758-4863