4 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits

One of the most popular books about social media this year is Heather Mansfield’s Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide For Nonprofits (McGraw Hill, 2011).

The book is packed with easy-to-follow “recipes” for nonprofits that are just getting into social media or that are seeking improvements to their social media programs.

How to Inspire Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers

I particularly like Mansfield’s

to-the-point tips about how to encourage and inspire peer-to-peer fundraising by supporters. Here is a summary of Mansfield’s ideas:

  1. Help your supporters/fundraisers understand just how your tools work.Write a guide with tips and best practices. Consider setting up webinars if your organization is large with lots of potential fundraisers. Explain how to create a fundraising page and how to be successful at raising donations online.Mansfield suggests Mercy Corps’ MPower Projects as a good model. Check out the links to its FAQ pages and the prominently displayed contact information for questions.
  2. Always thank your fundraisers and feature the top ones on your website and in your newsletters.Recognition provides energy to supporters/fundraisers. Set up and manage a group email list of fundraisers to keep them involved and up-to-date, but also send personal emails to thank individuals. Feature a “Fundraisers of the Month” or some other similar feature on your blog. Share those posts on Facebook, Twitter, and in your electronic communications.
  1. Set up (friendly) competitions.Offer top fundraisers incentives to raise money, such as a logo bearing t-shirt or mug, or free admittance to one of your events. Tie the competitions into the fundraiser of the month feature on your blog.
  2. Encourage your fundraisers to set realistic goals.Mansfield says that a big mistake fundraisers make is setting goals that are simply too high. A goal of $2500 is much better than, say, $20,000, since it is achievable and donors will feel that their small donations are helpful. Design success into your programs for supporters/fundraisers.

There is an abundance of this sort of useful advice in Social Media for Social Good, much of it geared to nonprofits that are mighty in spirit but not necessarily in resources. Check out Mansfield’s blog at Nonprofit Tech 2.0 for more tips, purchase information, and more.